Commenting Policy

You are free to post comments to any topic available, but please keep in mind the following:

  • Profanity will get you banned – I’d do worse, but my keyboard does not have a ‘smite’ key yet
  • If you post something sarcastic, expect something sarcastic back
  • Belittling mocking, or any host of other juvenile behavior may have consequences
  • This is MY blog – visit if you like, or not.  It is NOT a public space where your ‘free speech’ rights exist
  • I will endeavor to respond to comments that warrant it.  If I have nothing to contribute, I may not (and I suggest that you do likewise)
  • I reserve the right to edit/delete any post or comment for any reason.  If I edit a post or comment, I will note that I have done so.  Removed posts or comments will probably just disappear

Additional rules may be added without notice.  I enjoy not being subject to ex-post-facto restrictions.

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