Range Report – Taurus PT1911

February 28, 2009 at 1:58 am (Guns)

I got my wife a new Taurus PT1911 as a belated Valentines day present, and we took it to the range the following day.

I’ve always liked the 1911 model .45s, and this is one of the best I’ve seen straight out of the box.  And that doesn’t include the gold-plated hammer, grip safety, ambidextrous safety, magazine release, trigger, and barrell bushing.  Not that the bling was the deciding factor.  We were also looking at a new Rock Island and a used Thompson in about the same price range.  Neither were stainless, so it was an easy choice.

This gun had, from the factory, a match grade trigger which is slightly lighter and just as crisp as the one on my gun – and I paid a master-armorer to do my trigger job.  The slide to frame mating was at least as good as mine, as was the ‘fluff and buff’.  The feed ramp and throat were smooth and mirror polished.

At the range, I was expecting a few malfunctions (failure to feed, failure to extract, etc) as is typically common with the 1911s until they are broken in.  This is usually more noticeable with lighter loads, so the first box fired was FMJ.  After that, we (read my wife) went through three boxes of relatively light SWCs.  There were a few stovepipes with this, but they occurred when my wife’s was not providing a sufficiently stable base for the recoil to do it’s job.  The only other malfunction was caused by one of the magazines that didn’t always lock the slide back on empty.  Some of the earlier models seem to have had some problems with the extractor tension being too tight, but that seems to have been resolved – or at least not a problem with this gun.

Other than the questionable magazine, the Taurus is an excellent gun.  With it, you get more than you pay for.

The only disappointing thing was that the CrimsonTrace laser grips that we bought for it don’t fit with the ambidextrous safety.  My wife’s just going to have to live with the simulated pearl ones that it came with.


I’ve been asked about the selection process, etc. so here goes.

My wife fired a few other guns, and liked the heavy 1911 the best.  The aluminum framed ones were uncomfortable for her to deal with the recoil, so a polymer frame was definately out.  “Ol Slab Sides” also has a slightly narrower grip than the double-stack 9’s, and the recoil impulse of the 9 is sharper than that of the .45.

She picked out the gun herself, including filling out the forms.  Ownership is more than just paperwork, but the entire process focused on what she wanted.  There’s a significant emotional difference between ‘mine’ and ‘one of yours’.  This gun is hers.

Read that last sentence again.  It’s important.  An entire post might be in order about the difference ownership makes.


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