Chocolate Holiday

February 14, 2009 at 11:00 pm (Family Life)

Many who know me, know that I like chocolate.  Really like chocolate, especially the dark stuff.

Many also know that I’m a ‘frugalskate’.  Those two things combine quite nicely four times a year, the day after Haloween, Christmas, Valentines day, and Easter.  That’s when chocolate goes on sale.  Usually %50 off the day after, and %75 or more by the end of the week – if they have any left.

After last haloween, we had 50+ pounds of chocolate.  And I’ve been conservative in doling it out, too.

Just so that you can also participate in these chocolate holidays (or more precisely the days after), here’s some information that you might find useful.

Candy, and especially chocolate, will go bad or stale after a while.  Details can be found at CandyFavorites and CandyDishBlog.



  1. chocolatechic said,

    But even stale chocolate tastes good.

  2. Carl Weaver said,

    It’s funny – when I was a kid I never would have guessed the difference freshness makes. Back then my palate told me sweet + chocolate = good. It’s still true, as chocolatechic says, but the fresh stuff is a special treat.

    Thanks for the link!

  3. capitalggeek said,

    Storage makes a big difference. Milk chocolate, especially, degrades if not kept cool. And consistently cool. A period of 70degree storage followed by 50 degree storage isn’t good at all.

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