There’s A Bad Moon On The Rise…

January 27, 2009 at 9:04 pm (Family Life, Guns, Religion)

I’ve had this feeling that things are going to get bad. I’m not sure how bad here, but elsewhere I would expect really bad.

And it has nothing to do with our new president. The economic problems that we are running full-steam into are beyond government’s ability to fix now. They’ve been coming for quite a while, and we have been pushing the problems off into the future.   Paying one credit card bill with another, so to speak.  Well, the future is here now.

The Federal reserve is basically printing money, as the interest rate it charges is now at or nearly zero. This will have the effect of ‘flooding’ the market with money, making inflation rise sharply.  To give you an idea, here is the Federal Reserve’s own chart.  That vertical line on the right is NOW.

Combine that with China no longer buying US Treasury debt, and that sets up quite a problem. An insufficient number of treasury bills will be sold, so to sell more, we will have to promise a higher interest rate, which means that the debt of the government will increase faster. And it’s not just in the U.S. either. The Bank of England recently lowered their interest rate to the lowest it has ever been.   The value of anything drops when supplies are drastically increased, and the U.S. dollar is no different.  So, while the governments flood the economy with money, some companies realize that the value of money in the future will be much lower than it is now. If we’re lucky, we won’t have to take a wheelbarrow full of money to go grocery shopping.

The economic mess is truly a global problem, causing the government of Iceland to fail, just weeks after the state bank failed.  They’re the first.  I doubt they will be the last.  Argentina’s solution to their financial problems was to steal all the retirement savings.  We’re at least a few years away from having all our IRAs and 401Ks ‘reinvested’ in the social security ponzi scheme.

Add to that a record pace for unemployment growth, and you get a really bad scene. Tons of excess inventory will idle production worldwide as people finally realize that their spending sprees of the last ten years are over.

Food prices will rise drastically, partially due to the lowered value of the dollar. If we have another bad year for food production, prices will rise drastically.  Last year also saw the spread of more virulent forms of wheat rust, which is expected to hit the entire middle East and Asia this year.  Fresh foods, especially those grown in California, will be scarce and expensive.  Food banks, which were strained last year will fail miserably. And I’m not the only one concerned about it. Hopefully rat-farming will remain an exclusively overseas thing.

Last year also saw dramatic shortages of fertilizer. Not so much in the U.S., but overseas. And since we’re in a global market, a shortage elsewhere increases prices here, but at least the materials are still available.  But only for those that can afford them.  People will have to choose between keeping the heat on and eating.  And it has already started.

There is a general sense of unease running through people.  Munchkinwrangler and Crankyprof are two good examples.

Now, I’m not predicting a Mad-Max type scenario, but I’m not entirely ruling it out, either.  I doubt it will be a drastic crash, I expect more like a steep downward spiral.

What I will guarantee is crime, and lots of it.  The last time the economy was this bad was in the 70’s.  I wasn’t old enough to realize just how bad the economy and crime were then, but what I do remember were the movies.  Movies like ‘Mad Max’, ‘Death Wish’, and ‘Dirty Harry’.  If art imitates life (or makes it a caricature) then things don’t bode well for our immediate future.  Again, I am not alone in this thinking.

And if you have the same feeling, now would be a good time to prepare.  Non perishable food & water for a week or so would be a good start.  And since you don’t really posess anything you are unable to keep, get a gun.  A shotgun for home is a good choice, but probably not the best one.  A better choice would be a handgun with training.  You shold find a comfortable holster and wear the handgun all the time.   Most robbers won’t call and warn you, and unauthorized people or children will find it difficult to misuse if it is attached to your body.  A concealed carry permit should be next, to allow you to protect yourself and your family while away from home.  The most important thing is to practice with it, and carry it everywhere you are allowed.  It should be as comfortable as a pair of broken-in shoes.

And to any believers out there who expect to be raptured (as I do), we are promised that we will avoid GOD’s wrath poured out on the world.  We are NOT guaranteed to escape tragedies and hardships caused by man.  How much will God allow us to go through?  Look no further than the unrest after Katrina, or the Janjaweed militias.


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