So where do I fit in?

December 12, 2008 at 7:45 pm (Family Life, Politics, Science)

I’m an efficiency nut.  Not nutty, just really interested in getting the most ‘bang for the buck’ so to speak.  As such, we’ve replaced all the lightbulbs in the house with compact fluorescent ones.  My wife can tell you how much that saved on our electric bill, but it was significant.

The next major breakthrough for lights will be LEDs.  Currently they’re very expensive, but use roughly half the power of the compact fluorescent ones.  EarthLED does make a socket compatible series of lights, and once the prices come down, they will be a very viable choice.  They also don’t suffer the warm-up time or strobe-effect that some fluorescent bulbs do.

I’m always looking at new stuff relating to efficiency.  Most things I find are only simple and inexpensive if you are building a new house.   If our energy prices go up much more, I’ll probably consider retrofitting the house with a GFX heat exchanger.   It’s a really slick device that uses the hot wastewater from the shower drain to preheat the water going to the water heater, or cold water to the shower.  Many studies have shown a significant savings of energy with it.

Now, where do I fit in?

Most people who are interested in efficiency seem to be zealots about it.   I’m not.  I drive a truck, eat meat, refuse to pay more for organic food, and think that the poor children of Southeast Asia are better off making cheap clothes that I buy at Wally-World than they would be if everyone wore only hemp clothes made locally by hand.  It’s really hard to talk to off-the-grid types who think that you should use a composting toilet and grow plants with your own urine about anything.


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