NaNoWriMo ends (sigh)

November 30, 2008 at 8:04 pm (Writing)

I finally finished my 50,000 words on Saturday night, a whole day early. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to finish this year, because I had fallen quite far behind. I did, however, exert an heroic effort, and won. (yay me.) This effort started Friday evening, when I wrote two thousand words before going to bed. It was so bad, that towards the end, I was writing with my eyes closed. On more than one occasion, I wrote the same sentence multiple times, and had to erase it. I did much better on Saturday. I wrote 9217 words, with several breaks. While writing, I averaged over a thousand words an hour. I’m happy to say that I can now feel the last three fingers of my left hand once again.

Two things significantly hampered my writing this year. The first, fallout from ENRON. Sarbaines-Oxley. We have been implementing new internal controls, and I have had a part of getting it running to the satisfaction of the auditors. Definitely non-trivial and time consuming. Hence, I have been completely unable to write at work at all. If I stayed at my desk during lunch to try, someone would find me.

The second cost an entire Saturday of writing. I had already fallen behind by a bit, and had been counting on catching up. It was not to be. A friend of a friend needed a broken car hauled to their house, and I voluntold to do it. After that, things started going wrong. The first contact I had for a car dolly fell through the morning I was to pick it up, costing a few hours of scrambling. The alternate contact was for a full trailer, but an hour off my preferred route. Two hours total for the side trip. The car was obnoxiously parked, requiring me to putz around with the trailer, trying to get it lined up. The winch wouldn’t work properly while hooked to an undercharged battery (go figure). Then, when I was ready to unload the car, it wouldn’t go into neutral. Half an hour on the phone, and I found that it had a manual override for the electronic interlock – the battery was dead, so the shifter wouldn’t release. A little prying on the console, and we engaged the override, dropping the car at the shop. Finally finished, I drove home, picked up my Wife, drove the truck back (full tank of gas, of course), and then returned home. Total time – fourteen hours. And that’s fourteen hours, after getting a two hour delayed start. Needless to say, I didn’t write much that day.

But it’s over, the frantic part, anyway. And I’m enjoying the story.


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