Home-made pellet trap

September 14, 2008 at 9:01 pm (Family Life, Guns)

I’ve been planning on building this all summer so that my kids will have a safe backstop for target shooting. I constructed this pellet trap out of an old computer case, some scrap 2×4, and 3/4″ plywood – mostly because that’s what I had laying around.

Please note, this pellet trap is safe for relatively slow (400 feet/second) pellets, such as would be fired from a pellet pistol or single-pump pellet rifle. This type of trap is NOT safe for use with BBs at any speed, because BBs don’t flatten when they impact, and are much more likely to bounce out.

As always, ALWAYS wear eye protection when shooting.

First, we found an appropriate computer case from an old full-tower system that had a wrap-over cover.

Then we bent it out so that the the one side was at a 45 degree angle from the top (back of the trap)
Next, I scored a line straight across the bottom of the trap so that I could fold the ‘ramp’ up to a 45 degree angle. I had to cut the side of the cover where it had been bent to screw to the back of the case.
It’s important to make sure that the fired pellets will either hit the ramp or the angled top part, because if they impact the flat back they could bounce straight back at you.
You can verify that the ramp is high enough by shining a light from your expected shooting distance and making sure that the shadow falls above the bend at the rear.
Next, I cut a 2×4 and screwed it to the bottom, back, and top parts on both sides.  Then I cut some plywood for the sides and screwed it to the 2×4.
The finished trap, from the front, should look like this.
Before you use it, you will need to fill it with some type of absorbant padding material. Ideally you should put an old scrap of carpet at the bottom, but filling it with crumpled newspaper works well enough.

The above picture is after about 40 shots.  You can see some of the impacts on the upper part, and immediately below the bend on the back.  This is a good illustration of why pellets work and BBs won’t, because pellets deform and skim close to the surface, BBs act like little balls and bounce off at much more of an angle.

This particular trap is nearly two feet wide and almost three feet high, more than large enough for teaching beginners at the standard 10 meter distance.

I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to mount regular targets yet, but for now, brown packaging paper stapled to the plywood on both sides works well enough.



  1. Ernest said,

    Good idea. I would add that some “duct seal” (found in the electrical aisle of Lowe’s or Home Depot) added to the impact area could help minimize that chance of ‘bounce back’ and minimize noise as well. I think I’ll try this idea, if I can.

  2. cindy said,

    what is the height of the back wall ?

  3. Shane Cauley said,

    This is a great trap, my 1200fps gun here in Wyoming, Cheyenne specifically. I can’t find a good trap to buy.

    Thanks for all the hlep man!!!

    Shane Cauley

  4. capitalggeek said,

    Ernest: Anything on the back wall impact area could cause an unwanted deflection of the pellet. The idea is that the soft lead pellet deforms on and slides down the back wall into the safe area. Duct seal/stuff-it on the back side, not the impact area, could minimize noise.

    Cindy: The height of the back wall is (quite conveniently) the width of the scavenged computer case, about 6 inches.

    Shane: I’m not sure that this trap would handle 1200fps well. You might need to use a thicker plate steel than the garbage metal of a discarded computer case. The rest of the design should work for you though.

  5. Wxnvuzhf said,

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