Happy Birthday

May 1, 2008 at 10:08 pm (Uncategorized)

Someone in our house has a birthday today.

I was by myself last night, since Ginger had gone down to her sister’s house to make cookies. I decided to make a cake, and had even stopped on the way home to get the right kind of cake mix (butter pecan). Unfortunately, I didn’t think to ask just how much of our kitchen had been removed in order to make the cookies. I had to run out to the corner store to get eggs. The mixer was gone, so I had to mix it by hand, and the only bowl in the house was a small one, so I had to make the cake in two passes. It still turned out all right. And I’m glad I spent the extra five minutes digging through the cupboard to find the canola oil. Olive oil probably wouldn’t have worked too well.

While the cake was baking, I wrapped the gifts that I had gotten in a really nice blue wrapping paper. It’s very shiny, sparkly, elegant looking. BUT, the tape doesn’t stick to it. I had forgotten about it since the last time I used it. Next time I’m using the hot-melt-glue-gun instead of tape.

I took the day off, not really sure if we were going to do anything. Last week, we were going to Crystal City, but that got canceled.

I really didn’t think that anyone would want to make a special trip just to wander around and look at plane sculptures, so I took pictures.

There are some cute ones, one done up like King Kong

And one done up like Shamu

But my favorite is one covered in blackboard paint. It gets erased every time it rains.

Oh, look. What’s that on the tail?????

Happy Birthday, Ginger



  1. gingerporter said,

    You are something else…… 🙂 That is soooo cute!!! Thank you husband of mine. I love you too……<3

    I can’t wait until your 40th birthday this July. Then we will at least both be in our 40’s. Hard to imagine that isn’t it? Then we will also be celebrating our 15th anniversary.

    That’s really going to be hard to top…..and yes….I would like to go to Crystal City and walk around just looking at the planes….they are so unique.

  2. Elaine said,

    What a sweet thing to do for your wife =)

    The blackboard message is the Bomb!!!

  3. heathertopia said,

    Awww….how cute and very creative! 😀

  4. celticmuse said,

    Very nice…..

  5. Jessica said,


    Ginger is one lucky woman!

  6. warrenswife said,

    Randy, That was sooooo sweet!!!! You are very thoughtful!!! 🙂 I know that Ginger must have appreciated that one! 🙂 Cool plane too!

  7. APuritanLady said,

    *everyone together now* AWWWWWWW!!!!

    Ginger, Happy Birthday, hon!

    Randy, That is a cool card!


  8. missplacedalaskan said,

    Cool, Randy! You are very creative.

    Happy Birthday, Ginger!

  9. peachiestpigpen said,

    Wow…… That was so SWEET!!!!!!!! I bet she got flowers too huh?? You are definately 1 of a kind.

  10. dr. pepper said,

    Happy Birthday Ginger!

    True love after 15 years of marriage!!

    Ginger, please to tell, what did the kitchen look like after Randy was done in it?

  11. gingerporter said,

    He had it all cleaned up…..:-)

    All the dishes were done….which was why I didn’t even know he had made a cake…He’s quite the handy guy.

  12. Ber said,

    That is beautiful. What a nice gift.


  13. Woundedlily said,

    Randy – You ROCK

  14. Blogmaster said,

    What a guy! 🙂

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