The truly ugly choice for President

February 8, 2008 at 11:09 pm (Politics)

Now that the de-facto nominee for the republican party is going to be John McCain, I have a dilemma.

All of the potential candidates, Hillary, Obama, or McCain – None of them are acceptable to me.  All are pro big government, soft on illegal immigration, pro tax increases, etc.  No good choices there at all.

Rachel Lucas  ( uses the analogy of being bitten by a dog – one more frequently, and one less.  If you’re going to get bitten – and your friends are all going to get bitten – shouldn’t you want the blame to fall on someone ELSE’s dog?
I think that the only choice for a conservative is Hillary – not because she’s the ‘lesser evil’, but because she is such a divisive person that I think she would have a hard time getting things passed.  A bad idea from her would be easily recognized as a bad idea.  A bad idea from McCain would be hard for congress to stop, because the dems would like it, and the repubicans wouldn’t want to go against another republican.  Gridlock is a good thing when the direction is wrong.  Obama would be more likely to be able to work both sides to accomplish horrid things, and McCain can’t be counted on to take a hard stance on anything except the military.  He’s proven on multiple occasions his willingness to compromise with the opposition so that things can ‘get done’, even if the things getting done are bad ones.  Hopefully after a few years of her, we’d find a suitable conservative to run on conservative principals, and the damage wouldn’t be irreparable

I’d much rather have a known adversary than an occasional and unreliable ally.  At least you know where you stand.

The only thing that troubles me about that decision is that it is quite likely that the next president will get to chose at least 1 supreme court justice – possibly more.  I’m not sure that in the balance this weighs enough to hold my nose and vote once again for a moderate (read marginal) RINO.



  1. tidewaterjackson said,

    Although this is a well written post, it’s a perfect example of why conservatives tend to crack me up. Do you buy everything you hear on talk radio or do you not hear what you are putting out there?

    A conservative president has gotten us to record deficits not seen since the days of conservative hero Ron Reagan, may he rest in peace. That doesn’t sound like small government to me.

    Let me think… Who last balanced a budget and had surpluses. Oh right, that other great conservative Bill Clinton.

    Reagan signed off on amnesty and Bush I raised taxes despite pledging not to.

    I wish people would realize the world isn’t black & white, conservative or liberal. Both sides make mistakes and both sides have some valid points. We need to come together as a nation in these troubling times to really face and solve the problems that confront us.

  2. capitalggeek said,

    What’s talk radio?

    We really haven’t had a conservative president since Reagan, and he inherited 14+% inflation from Carter. Clinton’s balanced budget crashed when the dot-com bubble burst during his last year in office – just like the mortgage/credit bubble is bursting now.

    Reagan also said that the amnesty was one of the worst mistakes of his presidency. Bush 1 wasn’t conservative, he merely played one on TV.

    We do need to come together as a nation, I just don’t see anyone running now that would be capable of pulling it off. Well, maybe Ron Paul, he seems to have collected quite a diverse following…..

  3. chocolatechic said,

    This is the first election when I just don’t know who I am going to vote for.

  4. capitalggeek said,

    I’ve talked to people who know who they are voting against. I just wish there were a ‘none of the above’ option – or perhaps ‘do-over’.

    Come to think of it, ‘None Of The Above’ sounds like a really good name for a 3rd party. Hmmm……

  5. Elaine said,

    I’m not happy about the candidates.
    I’m not happy with the American people who haven’t been thinking, maybe they don’t know how to think. They have allowed themselves to believe that everything should be given to them instead of having to work for what they have. It is very sad.

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