Family Edited Movies – contd.

January 29, 2008 at 7:34 pm (Family Life, Links)

Well, I finally finished. I actually finished it twice, but my lack of familiarity with the software led me to close it without saving the changes.  Live and learn, I guess.

The results met with my wife’s approval, and the kids really enjoyed the movie.  I hadn’t remembered the nude scene, or the really harsh profanity.  Without removing the sections that I did, there is NO way that they would have been able to watch it.

It took me about two hours total to edit the movie the second time – it went much quicker because I already knew what I was looking for.  Removing entire scenes with this software is very easy.  Removing individual words – not so much.  There is a lot of trial & error that goes on to remove a single word, fortunately VirtualDub comes with a really handy ‘undo’ feature.  I used it quite a bit.

If you are going to attempt this, I recommend that you have a relatively fast computer – 1Ghz or better, with 10+Gig free drive space and at least 1 Gig of ram.  With that system, the editing was done in real time, and exporting the movie after the edits took about 45 minutes.

To remove a scene or section, you simply mark the start and end points, and tell it to delete the selection.  There is a handy ‘key frame’ feature that helps take you to the next or previous frame that has major changes.  Don’t forget to select ‘compress’ when you export the AVI, otherwise an hour and a half movie will take upwards of 10Gig.  With compression it was under 700Meg.

If you are trying it and want some tips, just let me know.

Now, what movie to pick next…..


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