Another scene from my still untitled book

November 10, 2007 at 12:18 am (Writing)

Well, I’ve been writing for over a week now.  Sometimes it is easy, other times…  Well, I soldier on.   And I still haven’t gotten to the ‘good’ parts yet.

I try to keep my stats updated – every other day if not daily.  You can check my progress here.

Here is a scene that I wrote a few days ago, and find particularly interesting.  Hope you enjoy it.

A klaxon awoke him with a start.  General quarters, this is not a drill.
He pulled on his uniform and was on the bridge in under a minute.
‘What’s the emergency’ he asked.  Ensign Ramirez was the officer on duty.
‘That asteroid that we bypassed left a debris trail in its wake that we didn’t see until just now.  We’re expecting impact with micrometeors any minute now.  The gravity reflector has been furled, and we are pointing directly at the expected source to minimize any impact.
‘What’s our current velocity?’ Jamison asked
‘Just over 2300 kph.  Relative to the asteroid, 2719.
At that speed, impact with even a marble sized rock could be devastating.  The ship was designed so that impacts from the front would be more likely to glance off, rather than hit square.  That lessened the energy that was expended in contact with the hull.  And the hull was designed to withstand significant impacts through its use of sandwiched polymers and ceramics.  Even still, the situation was extremely dangerous.
‘All stations reporting at general quarters sir’
‘Very well.  Secure the klaxon.  Seal all airtight doors.  Inform the crew of the possibility of impact.  There was nothing to do now but wait.
A single thunk on the port side let them know that they had entered the debris field.  Another followed, and then a third.  A few seconds passed before a louder thud also from port.
‘Major impact port side, amid ships, level 1 sir’
‘Helm, Adjust attitude 5 degrees to port, 5 degrees positive pitch’ said Jamison, trying to point the nose more accurately into the debris field.
Several more impacts, but all forward, and spaced around the ship.  A rapid succession of small impacts that sounded like someone dropping a handful of coins on a dinner plate, and then silence.  One heartbeat, then two, then a dozen.
‘Damage report’ said Jamison
‘Minor breach in the galley spaces sir.  No casualties.  They have managed to temporarily seal it.’
‘Deploy the forward scanner and see if we’re through’  It had been close to 30 seconds, they should be clear by now.
‘Scanner showing all clear sir’
‘Secure from general quarters.  Dispatch a repair crew to the mess deck.  Any external damage?’
‘Running a scan now.  The mast appears in tact – no impacts on it, or the reflector.  No external systems damaged.’
‘Excellent.  Helm, resume deceleration course and set for 3 g’s’
‘Bridge to galley.  How are you holding out?’
‘Reynolds here sir.  A small hole in the port bulkhead. No real internal damage.  We have it plugged’
‘A repair crew is on the way.  How long can you hold out?’
‘Indefinately, sir.  The breach is plugged, and we are not venting atmosphere’
‘Very good.  I’ll be down to check on things in a few minutes’
‘Ensign Ramirez, the bridge is yours.  I’ll be in the mess deck if you need anything’ said Jamison
‘Thank you, sir.’  said Ramirez.  ‘Uh…. sir…..’
‘What is it Ensign?’
‘You might want to put on shoes before going to the galley, sir’
‘Oh. Yes, that would probably be a good idea.’
Jamison left, stopped by his quarters for his shoes, and then proceeded on to the galley.
‘Where’s the hole’ he asked as he walked in
‘On the bulkhead – about half a meter from the floor.’
Equipment had been shoved around so that an engineer could examine the breach.  Even still, it was cramped, and no more than one person could get within arms reach of it at a time.
‘You said you plugged it with what?’ said the engineer
‘Dough’ replied Reynolds
‘Yes, Dough.  You know the dinner roll that you had last night.  It was made from dough.  I took one of the dough balls and squished it into the hole.’
‘Dough.  Maybe I should get some for my toolkit.  How large did you say the hole was?’
‘About 3mm.  I could have sealed it with my finger, but then I wouldn’t be able to move.’
‘OK.  Hand me that suction plate.  No, the self-adhesive one.  6cm should be fine’
The engineer fastened the repair plate to the wall covering the hole – dough and all.
‘I’m going to need to seal the airtight door for about 15 minutes to verify the pressure just to make sure we don’t have a slow leak.  Anyone who needs to leave should go now’
Jamison headed back to the bridge.  What time was it anyway.  He checked his watch – still 7 hours before his watch started.  He stuck his head in the bridge.  ‘Anything to report’
‘We’re back on course and schedule.  The gravity reflector has some slight damage.  We’re compensating with a little extra juice from the emitters.  It’s scheduled to be replaced when we orbit.’  said Ramirez
‘Very well.  I will be in my quarters if you need me.  When they’re finished in the galley, have the duty engineer verify your assessment.  If it doesn’t agree, let me know.’
‘Thank you, sir’ said Ramirez
‘Oh, and make take statements from the engineer and galley staff.  Mr. Reynolds patched our hull breach with dough.  I’m going to put him in for a commendation.’
‘Dough, sir’
Jamison gave him a look.  ‘Just take the statements’
Jamison left the bridge.  It hadn’t even been half an hour since the klaxton woke him.  His adrenalin was rushing, and he didn’t know if he would be able to get back to sleep.  Five minutes later he was in his quarters, dozing.  He woke with a start.  No problem, just a dream…



  1. Elaine said,

    OK, you’ve hooked me.
    Eagerly awaiting the next installment.

  2. capitalggeek said,

    Just to note, these excerpts are in order, but there is other stuff between them.

  3. gingerporter said,

    Too Funny Elaine!!!! 🙂

  4. Elaine said,

    What can I say, I like this type of sci-fi 😆

    I am a Trekker and this seems similar but not….I don’t feel like I’m reading ST but like I’m reading about friends. Did that make sense?

  5. gingerporter said,

    No wonder we get along so well……Howdy fellow Trekkie….:-)

  6. capitalggeek said,

    Star Trek, the remedial science fiction.

    But I know that at least one of you has read some better stuff like Heinlein or Asimov…

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