God’s sense of Humor

July 4, 2007 at 6:58 pm (Family Life, Religion)

Lots of people don’t picture God as having a sense of humor.  He does.  For proof I offer the following:

  • The platypus – no explanation needed
  • The koala bear – how can something so cute that you just want to tickle his big fuzzy ears be anti-social and equipped with serious claws
  • The Pig – God must have had leftovers and made the pig – how else can you explain why ham is so different from bacon, which is different from pork chops & roast

Kidding aside, God has a sense of humor in my life as well.  Many know that I have been dealing with some pretty serious family issues lately.  If you don’t know, ask.  I’ll email you details.

God’s humor has appeared when I’ve dealt with serious issues in the past as well.  Typically, I have to  seek His counsel privately before I’m finally broken down and accept the right course.  That’s not the funny part, it is serious, difficult, and heart-wrenching.  The funny part is that even though this process can take weeks or longer, the minute I’ve made the correct decision, God feels it necessary to give my preacher a message on it for the very next sermon.  Not when I’m about to come to the decision, not to help guide me to it, but AFTERWARD.  And it’s not just our pastor either, visiting pastors have been included.

I almost laughed when it happened again tonight.  I was almost expecting it.

A few years ago, I told my pastor about it, and he thought it was funny as well.  He jokingly offered to let me look at his sermon topics ahead of time, but then decided that if that was the way God wanted to deal with me, we should probably just leave it alone.

Good to know that God and I are on the same page at these times – Me and God, we be mates.



  1. Elaine said,

    I just love His sence of humor as well. 😀
    I’ll frequently request to be hit over the head w/a 2X4 or to show me a billboard with the appropriate info on it so that I’ll have no doubt as to what He wants me to be doing. While I haven’t actually had a 2X4 hit me in the head there have been some very strong and obvious signs along the way.

    He has also done to me like he has with you, having others share a message that is just for me on something – usually it’s several in a short period of time and from completely different sources. My pastor will have a message on the subject, the SS lesson I’m teaching will pertain (I teach pre-K and K so you get the idea of how basic some of these messagages can be :lol:) and of course there are the radio shows and personal devotions as well.

    Know that you are prayed for. (((Hugs))) from Alaskan friends. 🙂

  2. psalter said,

    God is always faithful to us in all things. God bless.

  3. gingerporter said,

    You didn’t tell me what the message was on….The kids and I had a great time stopping in at my old church….

    We were fortunate to hear a youth choir that was traveling. It almost brought me to tears. One of the songs went straight to my heart.

  4. Elaine said,

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