Bathroom Nearing Completion

February 25, 2007 at 1:29 am (Family Life)

To cut the holes in the front wall of the surround for the faucet and spigot, I put the front wall in place and marked where the holes needed to be from the back. I then removed front wall, cut the hole and installed it like the other two walls. I then put the fixture from the back to double-check the fit. Because the surround has ribs on the back for strengthening, I had to cut a piece of styrofoam to wedge between the surround and the faucet. I then assembeled the faucet with glue, caulked around the holes in the surround, and installed the handles and trim. Unfortunately the pictures of that didn’t take well, so you will have to use your immagination for that step.

Now that the surround is in, next is the drywall.

Since the showerhead comes through the drywall above the surround, I had to cut a hole in the drywall before putting it up. The trick for this is to cut the drywall to size, and then put pipe dope on the connection. Then put the drywall in place and press it against the connection. When you remove it, you will be able to see exactly where to cut the hole.

The only steps left are taping, mudding, painting and caulking – which were completed last week.

Total so far (including shopping)

$650 and 12 hours.


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