Starting to look like a bathroom again…

February 24, 2007 at 5:22 pm (Family Life)

After all the removal, I had to adjust the position of the drain slightly. Our old tub was a 30″, our new one is 32″. The drain kit that I purchased wouldn’t work with our old trap, so I had to reuse the existing one. In order to move the drain location, I had to get another piece of threaded pipe and cut it to fit. This also included cutting some of the subfloor to accomodate its new location.

Here’s the drain rough-in after it was finished. The tub install guide recommended putting down landscape fabric between the tub and the floor.

drain rough in

And here’s the entire area after the drain rough-in and landscape fabric. Ready to put the tub in.

And here’s the tub after installation. I wish I could say it was easy, but there is NO clearance when putting it in. I had to remove more drywall on both sides to get it in place without damaging it. Yes, there is some landscaping fabric poking out from under it.

The tub is fastened to the studs in the wall with nifty little brass clips. They are not load bearing, as the entire bottom of the tub rests on the floor. They just keep it in place.

Here is the back wall of the surround installed. This was EASY. The bottom gets a bead of caulking, and the wall has tabs that slip into slots in the tub. The side walls are just as easy.

The top of the surround is fastened to the studs with roofing nails. The old one had holes, this one just gets nails positioned so that the head holds the top of the surround in place.

I left the front wall of the surround off, so that I could work on the faucet. Here is the faucet after I had cut the pipes and assembled it (no glue yet, in case I need to change something)

Total so far (including shopping time)

$620 and 10 hours.


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