Bathroom Project Continues

January 29, 2007 at 12:08 am (Family Life)

Well, we finally spent some money – just over $600 to be exact. That includes everything needed to complete the project except the drywall & caulking. The shopping trip took about 3 hours, including some very helpful advice from an associate named Patrick at Lowes. He helped us pick out all the plumbing bits that I will need, and explained the process quite well.

Here’s the pile-o-stuff. Included are the new faucet and tub drain as well as the pipe parts and a new tool – a pipe cutter.

Prior to shutting off the water for the entire house, I cut an access hole into the linen closet and used fine-grit sandpaper to polish the pipes where the cut-offs will be installed.

I shut the water off and opened the downstairs faucet and this faucet to drain the water from the pipes. I then used my new pipe cutter to cut the supply lines.

And here they are cut and hanging free.

I removed the connection to the showerhead, and removed the valve assembly. I then put the ball valves on the pipes and turned the water back on – NO LEAKS

I used compression fittings on these cut-offs so that I didn’t have to solder. The compression valves are easy to install, and allow a connection to the CPVC. I took the advice of my plumber friend and tripple checked the direction of swing of the ball valves, so that they will operate once the tub is installed.

Totals so far (including shopping time)

$600.00 and 6 hours 30 min.


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