Do we really have the real Bible?

July 1, 2006 at 2:36 pm (Religion)

Most Christians will say that they believe the Bible to be inspired by God, and that it is true.

What does that REALLY mean, and do YOU really believe it?

2nd Timothy 3:16 tells us that ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God, and Proverbs 30:5 says that every word of God is pure. We are also told in Psalm 12:7, Psalm 100:5, Psalm 117:2, Matthew 5:18, and Matthew 24:35 that Gods word will endure forever.

I realize that it is somewhat circular reasoning, using Bible passages that tell us that the Bible is true, so it goes back to your ‘decision tree’ of belief. IF God exists, AND He wants us to know about Him, THEN He gave us His word. SINCE He gave us His word, THEN it must be available to everyone, ELSE God is not just. FOR God’s word to be available to everyone THEN it must be available through the ages. (I may expand on this concept later if needed)

Up to now, I really haven’t stepped on any toes. That changes now.

Do you or anyone you know believe that the Bible ‘contains’ God’s word? Or that it was
perfect only in the ‘original autographs’ and transcription errors prevent us from finding out what the originals actually were? Or that there are ‘mistranslations’ and that you need to check multiple bible versions and lexicons to find out what God meant? If that describes you, then you should have a magic marker with your bible so that you can cross out anything that doesn’t belong and ‘fix’ what is wrong.

Is that harsh? Nobody would really cross things out of the Bible? Isn’t that what is happening in many of the mainstream churches that allow sodomites in their congregations (or even pulpits)? Shouldn’t they be honest about it and remove those passages, since they ‘obviously’ don’t belong? What about divorced preachers & deacons? That family that sits on the right near the back, you know the one, their 15 year old is pregnant, their 17 year old is covered with tattoos and piercings, the father’s shop is so dishonest that no church members recommend it, and the mother pops zoloft like they were candy so that she doesn’t have to deal with any of it – but the preacher won’t talk to them because his father was one of the charter members of the church and they contribute to the building fund. Knowing that the Bible is very clear about people that deal deceitfully with Gods Word, wouldn’t they be better off not claiming to follow the Bible at all?

But how do we know what God really MEANT to say?
The Bible says that God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33) so it should be easy to figure out what God meant, because He SAID what He meant. God’s prophecies and instructions were given by WORDS. Not images that the feeble mind of man had to decipher, but WORDS. If you think that the prophets ‘interpreted’ God when writing, take a look at their description of HOW they were instructed by God in 2nd Samuel 23:2, Ezekiel 1:3, Jeremiah 1:4, and Jeremiah 1:9. They were always instructed WHAT to say and write. Sometimes they didn’t even understand what they were writing, but wrote because they were instructed (Daniel 12:8-9). It stands to reason that if God created everything by speaking, that He would use verbal communication to commune with us. Note also that God promised to preserve His WORDS forever – not His meaning, message, plan, images, etc. but WORDS. Jesus says that every ‘jot or tittle’ will endure beyond heaven and earth, and knowing that a ‘jot’ or ‘tittle’ is like the dot on an English i, you can infer that EXACTLY what God SAID will be preserved FOREVER. If you’re not convinced that the WORDS are important, look up ‘Words of God’ in Naves and study those passages.
So, we don’t need to figure out what God meant, but only what He SAID

Any church that claims that ‘proper’ interpretation can only be done by those trained for it is WRONG (2nd Peter 1:20). Leave it at once and don’t ever look back!

At this point, you can eliminate any bible version that does not directly translate words from one language to another, but instead tries to give you a ‘thought for thought’ paraphrase. Over-educated people call it ‘dynamic equivalency’ and when you run that phrase through your universal translator, it will come out as ‘what we think it means’.

Next time: Are there really differences between Bible versions?



  1. sojournor said,

    I ditto that. His word will last forever. All else will perish but His word will last forever. His word is apart of Him. How can an eternal God write a book that changes with every age. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever and so is His word!! God Bless You Brother.

  2. Abu Sahajj said,

    I agree… His word is eternal, however our translations from Greek and Hebrew are severly distorted. Which is why the Qur’an stands authentic among the Holy Scriptures of the Abrahamic traditions.


  3. capitalggeek said,

    I assume that you are referring to the ‘perfect’ transmission of the Qur’an – supposedly without error or difference since it was first written. You are either being dishonest about it, or are uninformed. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume the latter.

    According to the hadith:

    The Qur’an was given by Mohammed and 7 different readings were allowed.

    The written Qur’an was compiled by 4 men (Abdullah bin Masud, Salim, Mu’adh and Ubai bin Ka’b), each had a differences.

    Uthman’s Qur’an became the standard after he ordered all other copies to be burned – even so, some kept personal copies that differed from his.

    Shia versions of the Qur’an have significant differences to others.

    Ancient documents were found in 1972 in the Great Mosque of Sana’a in Yemen, but independant scholars have been denied access to them.

    Not a ‘perfect’ transmission by any stretch – actually it’s branches & variations bears some similarities to that of the Bible.

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