Unpardonable Sin?

April 24, 2006 at 9:09 pm (Religion)

On the Thursday before Resurrection Sunday I took the metro from the Pentagon to work. The anti-war protesters were there, which is not unusual. What was unusual was HOW they were demonstrating. I could tell something was different because of the ‘enhanced’ security (read ‘the Pentagon Police had 8 or 10 people loudly announcing for people to have their building passes ready’ ) The normally anemic group of two or three was at least 25 strong. When I came around the corner of the bus bays, I noticed that they had several people dressed in blaze orange prison type jumpsuits with black ‘Abu-Gharib’ style hoods. As I approached, I realized that one of them was on a CROSS.

I’m not normally offended by these misguided moonbats, but celebrating Resurrection Sunday with an Abu-Gharib prisoner on a cross was too much. I wasn’t just offended, I was ANGRY. So I stood there and glared for a few minutes before heading to work. (which brings up another question, why don’t these pinko-hippy-freaks have to be at work – another thought for another time)

I mulled and pondered this, and came to several conclusions. I would have posted this earlier, but I was unable to find pictures of the event. Fortunately they appear proud of themselves.

The things that I realized are:

  • If there are any true Christians in that group, they are dangerously close to the unpardonable sin (Matthew 12:31-32) or at least the sin unto death (1st John 5:16)
  • Christian protesters (at least spiritual ones) would have distanced themselves from this display
  • The unsaved often know the ‘right’ words and can even put them in the right context, but there is no understanding of them
  • Since a true, spiritual Christian wouldn’t be associated with this group, the ‘Christian’ terms used are for the sole purpose of garnering sympathy through deception (marketing at its finest – or worst)
  • How easy it is for people to think that they are Christians by knowing a few (out of context) verses, religious terms, and symbols. – Having a form of godliness, but denying the (Holy Spirit) power thereof
  • So many of the sins of the pharisees can be seen – praying for public consumption, dour & pious exterior, following some of the law without understanding
  • I really need to study righteous anger and how to handle it

I really don’t care about your stand for/against the president or current conflicts. I know good Christians on both sides of the issue. Your opinion should be expressed in a way that edifies and provokes thought – not simply something intended to elicit a strong visceral reaction.

If you aren’t a Christian, please understand that using God’s name and words to further your political cause is dishonest.

If you are a Christian, you need to be VERY careful about who you associate with. God gave you his name, don’t corrupt it.

If you think that it is acceptable to use this kind of thing because of the ‘greater good’, then you should read this, and then spend several hours reading through the book of Romans. I’m not questioning your salvation, but I think it would be a good idea for you to examine yourself thoroughly.

If you don’t want to be exposed to images of this level of blasphemy, don’t go any further.

Here are photos of their protest the following day at the White House. I have archived these pictures to ensure that they don’t go away (and to be nice to their bandwidth provider as well)

This picture is of the three ‘prisoners’ carrying the cross down (I think) Pennsylvania Ave

Carying the Cross

Here is a picture of the ‘prisoner’ being crucified

prisoner crucified

Just so I don’t get accused of taking them out of context, you can go to their page to see these (and other images) for yourself. Their main page is at http://www.jonahhouse.org/index.htm. This protest has its own page at http://www.jonahhouse.org/F&RHW06.htm. (I do like the ‘scapegoats’ part of their protest)



  1. Sojournor said,


  2. Sheri said,

    What a sight, picking and choosing anything just for shock value. Can you imagine the thought processes when the protestors dreamed up this little skit. ‘Oh, it is the Easter holiday, let’s use a cross. OK, great now let’s throw in a Muslim terrorist. Great!’ It really doesn’t make any sense.
    Dazed and confused like sheep without a shepherd.

    Sheri (a DY girl)

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