Prelude to Persecution

April 23, 2006 at 9:09 pm (Religion)

There was an article that popped up on Netscape's front page news today that surprised me. It got me digging to see who else actually printed this trash. I was surprised to find just how many 'news' agencies actually published this garbage. Apparently their editors think that it is 'news worthy' material.

In summary, a scientist has theorized that ice may have formed on the surface of the sea of Galilee, which would have allowed Jesus to walk out, giving the appearance of walking on water.

I was also surprised to find that the few news agency to printed a dissenting opinion included in the Reuters story. AlJazeera was one of them, but they failed to mention that Nof is Israeli. (Dissent provided by Darrell Bock, a professor of New Testament studies at the Dallas Theological Seminary) The other agencies that published that part of the story are: USA Today, CBS News, Pravda, Israel Insider, and AOL.

The Discovery Chanel added commentary by Robert Eisenman, Professor of Middle East religions and archaeology and director of the Institute for the Study of Judeo Christian origins at California State University, Long Beach who said "They are trying to make sense out of a nonsense. The Gospels have nothing to do with historical accounts, they are simply literature — one literary account over another," Doesn't sound like they went to a lot of effort to find someone to dispute it, does it?

Another independent dissent was found in National Geographic (Are you as surprised as I am?) Their expert, Kevin Trenberth heads the Climate Analysis Section at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. As unexpected as it sounds, his analysis was Biblical. He said "The Bible I consulted refers to the fishermen in a boat and 'strong headwinds' and 'waves,'"…"The boat drifted several hundred yards out and tossed in the waves and wind. So the presence of [the] boat strongly suggests there was no ice." "The arguments seem bogus," he added. "They require almost no wind and no mixing for their mechanism to work, but then they cannot get the cooling they require." By the way," Trenberth added, "the Bible also says Peter got out of the boat and walked on water but then sank. Where did the ice go all of a sudden?"

It's surprising (but it shouldn't be) how evil our world has become, and how hostile toward Christians it is getting – especially in the 'free' countries of Europe and America. I expect this kind of hostility elsewhere, but HERE? WOW! The pace of times seems to be accelerating – the birth pangs are coming quickly. How much worse will it get? If you haven't already figured out where you'll spend eternity, I invite you to think on it now. Time is short. You may not get another chance.

Here's links for you to check out – I'm sure they will die off in the next several weeks, so check them out early if you're interested.

Nof's research article (in PDF):

His article was published in the Journal of Paleolimnology under the title 'Is there a paleolimnological explanation for “walking on water” in the Sea of Galilee?'

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Al Jazeera: Jesus' water walk put on ice


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