Geeks advice for a new computer: part 2

April 22, 2006 at 10:00 am (Links)

The next thing we'll do is a bit of streamlining on the operating system.

For tweaking, consult TweakHound's Guide. I recommend that you go with at least level 2. I also recommend that you NOT disable the security center. Geeks can and get away with it, non-geeks usually get in trouble without it. As you work through the guide, I suggest that you:

  • Skip Turning Off System Restore
  • Turn Off Remote Assistant
  • Skip Turning Off Automatic Updates
  • Skip Move Print Spool Directory
  • Skip Move My Documents Directory
  • Skip everything about the Page File
  • If it scares you, skip Adjust System Services – otherwise follow level 2
  • If the registry scares you, skip it – otherwise apply all except the Set CPU Priority

Stop when you get to the section about X-Setup.

At this point, I also install DNSKong and E-Dexter. They work as a local DNS server to prevent bad sites from resolving. As they require a lot of maintenance to be effective, I'm skipping the instructions for them. If you are interested, information on DNSKong can be found at Sponge's Security Solutions and the software can be downloaded from the author at – a basic description of what they do can be found at Bruce's page or Gorilla Design Studios. If you are on a dialup connection, you should REALLY look into this – it can prevent downloading advertising images and speed up your browsing.

Next, we'll look at what software you should install.


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