Resurrection Sunday

April 15, 2006 at 10:25 pm (Religion)

Most of you probably celebrate Ishtar with all of the associated fertility symbols like baby chicks, eggs, and cute fuzzy bunnies (with nasty, big, pointy teeth).  Even Christians have been taken in by them and tried to adapt these symbols to their own purposes.  Chocolate is another Ishtar tradition.  I tend to agree with that one only because I know that every day is a Chocolate holiday, and it must have come first.

Some thoughts that you may want to think about this easter:

  Is it a coincidence that the National Geographic society's 'gospel of Judas' made news this last week?

  Is it also coincidence that an 'expert' theorized this week that Jesus walked on Ice instead of a stormy ocean?  Get real, if the sea had been frozen over, the diciples probably wouldn't have been rowing. 

  The increasing commercialism of all holidays now has people buying Ishtar baskets with toys, the quality of which is apparent.  Is this designed to cause problems when the kids feel cheated by the pretty packaging and garbage inside, and the parents have to deal with irritated kids and overpriced trash?  This doesn't sound like a good recipe for a pleasant family holiday.  (If you do get Ishtar baskets, at least fill them with something good – like Chocolate)

  Oh joy, we get to see the rest of the church members that forgot that there are services EVERY Sunday (and even Wednesday) between Christmas and Ishtar.

  God give me STRENGTH to hold my tongue, and provide a warm & friendly interaction that may bring them back next week. 


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